Sunday, November 5, 2006


What a blast we all had last night at the Happy Tree Friends season one wrap up party. We watched 6 full segments of Happy Tree Friends cartoons made here at Fatkat, drank tons of booze, filled our bellies with grub, snagged some great HTF swag, rocked out to Montgomery Moth and then cracked up at the wild comedy from Buddy Bolton. MAN! I haven't had such a good time in a long time. I'm glad everyone took the time to attend and break out.

Buddy and I snuck into the DJ booth to hook up the DVD player.

Geremy and the gang got nasty with some colouring books, uhm, why is that pelican listening to that elephant's butt?

Matt Taylor schools some NBCC Miramichi Students that we all invited to take part in the celebration!
Andrew's sister, Megan (left) and radiant wife Nadine (right) pose for the camera!

James and Lizard!
Wanda and Glenn!
My aunt Steph, my dad and mum also dropped in!

Tracy and Glenn.
Dallas and Edgar, nice hat!
Big Show and I sharing a moment.

Buddy got to share lots of moments, mostly with other people's wives! Go Buddy go!

Buddy with Tara.Buddy with Tracy!

Buddy with Cheryl.

Animators got to grab some swag, good deal I think for all those hours they put into the production.

Look at this spread!
How come every picture I have with Coyle he's eating chickens or turkeys?

Jeremy Donovan displays the set list for tonights gig.

These guys rocked so hard.

Everyone dug Montgomery Moth, my parents were rocking out!

We're definitly going to have these guys back.

Nice shot of the guitarist.


Watch some clips of Montgomery Moth on Youtube!

Andrew Dunn introduces Buddy Bolton. (I'm going to post Buddy' stand up once I have his blessing, stay tuned for another post maybe! )

Shane gave this party a thumbs up!

Awesome gig everyone, big thanks to Liz, Dallas, Tara, Choo Choo's and Andrew Dunn, because it's all coming out of his marketing budget! MUHAHA!

Lovies to all!


PS: Watch this clip of Beans busting a groove!

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