Thursday, November 23, 2006


This morning Andrew Dunn and I packed up the truck with Keith Dury, Lead Animator and Mike Concannon, Art Director at Fatkat to get their oppinion on the new Studio.

The whole place is going up nicley! Man, that Hubert Williston is a miracle worker! Fast fast fast!

Going upstairs we get a good view of the rows of desks that will soon be animation stations for dozens of folks! - It's going to be great, tons of desk space for everyone!

The Hallway will have nice flooring and some cool ass paint to keep it fresh.

All the framework for the offices in the accounting and business sections are up! Looking good too!
Lots of light coming in from huge bay windows.

Andrew and Keith discuss with Hubert about a new water slide.

OK, just kidding about the waterslide, but that would be cool right?! Keith and Mike checking out the gorgeous view from Nikki's new office. She'll have more windows then anyone else in the entire studio! - (she deserves it as she's been in a cave of an office for the last year now!)

Not a bad view eh?

Even on the roof, where the offices for Andrew and me will be going (as well as the huge ass boardroom) We'll have a great view of the Miramichi River!

Then right here, where I'm standing (photographer) there will be a patio with some picnic tables. NON SMOKING AREA! TOO BAD ANDREW!

What a beautiful view of downtown and the river though! I can hardly wait to move in!

Won't you kindly remove your hat and come in for some tea?


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