Sunday, February 11, 2007


This year's Kidscreen as I think about it was our absolute best. We had mad coverage thanks to Andrew's idea of bringing down more folks then usual. Our Comedy night was a hoot and our meetings went as well as we could have hoped for, especially with the ones we were hoping to go well! YAY!

This year Fatkat had a record number of folks at the conference, from left to right; Carol MacKinley, Bryan Shannon, Andy Coyle, Liz Hogan and Tracy Fernandez. Not pictured is my beautiful wife Tara and of course myself! - Also representing Fatkat was the delicious Buddy Bolton also not pictured.

Getting off the plane in NYC, we had this lovley lady arrange us a limo to get us to the hotel. She was such a sweetie, she indulged my request of a picture with my Elvis glasses.

The first couple of days of the conference I was acutually visiting some pals in Conneticut, getting ready for another big season of Sprays of her Life! It's going to be a great year!

When I got back, this is the scene I saw in our hotel room! - Drunken debauchery!

Except for Tara and Carol who were containing themselves like good girls!

However I know of at least one fellah who wasn't about to let me down.

Good times with Coyle and Bryan.

I tried to take the remote but Andy wouldn't have it.

Bryan was a workhorse during the conference, he was having alot of fun impersonating Borat the whole time he was there.

Man, at 3am there's nothing that hits the spot better then Ray's Pizza.

LAter on that morning, Coyle and I stumbled out of bed and headed out into the chilly NYC streets to find our way to a couple of more meetings with big NYC studios.

Nisa a producer at World Leaders, of whom we're working on SuperNormal with. Man I love this woman! She's so sweet and easy to work with!

Raychel Simon, another amazing producer at World Leaders, both of these fine ladies saw it fit to steal my Elvis glasses for a photo op'. I couldn't say no!

Afer a great follow up with World Leaders, we headed out into the street again. The sun was bright and it was warming up a little, but man, it was Canada cold down there.

We headed down to see our pals at Animation Collective, these guys got it going on. They came up and saw us about a month or so ago and we showed them a good time. This time around it was there turn. Great stuff brewing with Michael and the fine folks at AC!

Like last year we once again hosted the Annual Fatkat Komedy Night at the Kidscreen Summit. We rented our sweet keisters comfy rides with 2 stretched white hummer limosines all decked out with fatkat logo work.

William Stevenson was our MC. Man this guy knows how to work a room, he's hilarious!

As alwasy Kurt Metzger brings down the house.

Elon Gold, man this dude is a riot.

One of our writers, Tim Krompier. This guy gets funnier every time I meet him. What a set Tim had. We were rolling!

New to the Fatkat Komedy Night was Dustin Chafin. This dude got wicked nasty in his set. The more the crowd would gasp and groan the cruder he got. It was an awesome sight.

Matt Ellis was having a good time. Glad you showed up buddy!

Very Nice, How much?!
Of course, the hilarious head liner - Sherrod Small

The Limo ride home was amusing thanks to Bryan's shinanigans. I hope Oliver Power (pictured here) had a good time!

We all knew Tracy did!

Back at the hotel, Bryan tried some of his best sales techniques, but got shut down. Juan Cruz Baldassarre from Copernicus Studios and I had a good chuckle.

All the boys from Copernicus and I went ouf for some late night French food. While the grub was horrible talking shop we these old Fatkats was great a great time.

The next and Final day of the conference was a blast. Many great meetings and in between them, many great experiments with Mentos and bottles of coke.

Until next year!

Much love!


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