Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This year's Miramichi's Pond Hockey Tournament was the best yet, with over 93 teams from every country you could imagine. You could also imagine that we Fatkats were there in fine style, we were certainly bringing sexy back with out amazing fatkat jerseys!
Look at the crowds! What a success!

Brian Donovan was on one of our teams, what a trooper. If you look closley you'll see that Brian got a nasty cut on his cheek from diving across the goal crease to stop a goal. Too bad he was bleeding all over the jersey he borrowed from our very own Dave Michaud.

Here's the portait of a man's hockey player, 24o lbs of screaming acadien!

Unfortunatley no amount of killer skills from our two teams could halt the onslaught of goals we had against. Better luck next year I guess!

Go Fatkats!


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