Monday, March 26, 2007


This past weekend we scored some VIP tickets from our buddies at Maritime Cresting for a couple of games from the 2007 University Cup tournament.

I had no idea Buddy was a hockey nut, I don't think he did either!

Buddy had such a good time, he bought us all sandwhiches!

We also went to the local sportshop and bought some wheely knees as buddy calls them. You know those messed up sneakers with wheels in the heels. Big Show, buddy and I all got a pair, my brother in law Shane chickened out.

Look how cool these are!

Buddy didn't even buy them, he walked right out! - What a rebel!

All the girls loved his wheely knees!

He was busting some sweet moves.

Then a mall security guard told him to take them off. Buddy told him that he was a failed police officer. How rude.

Finally we hit the coliseum and the delectable VIP lounge!

Look how much fun we were having!

What a rink!
We had a great time - University of Moncton won the game and went to the final the day after we left - they lost to Fredericton. But wow, what a game.

Big thanks to Brett Doyle at Maritime Cresting!


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