Monday, March 5, 2007


For the 3rd year running a bunch of us volunteered our Saturday to a charitable cause. Bowling for kids, no not with real bowls. It's actually a sport with a little ball and some big sticks they call candlepins, no not real candle pins, they just kind of look like them.. ah ferget it.

Speaking of die hard rock star look alikes. Justin Coffee is one bad designer. You guys should all race over to his blog and check his stuff out.

Alot of kats came out for the occassion, it was good times.

Most surprising was Jon Roth, who was very surprised that we thought so.

Who's that sexy beast. Montgomer Moth rules!

Erika after bowling a 232!

If you look really close, Lauren is almost giving me the finger. WE all know that she really does mean it though.

Louis had is custom made bowling shoes. No fair. Man, he's a good bowler.

This is the first time I've ever seen even a hint of a smile from Mandi and funny enough this is the first time that I've seen Dan Helle without one. Their matching track suits must have thrown it off for them.My lovely wife came out and demonstrated how to score a 87 without moving from her chair.

Wynne and the giant jaw breaker.

Neil holding it in.
Gwen went a little bonkers after staring at Neven's score card.

A great event and time had by all, Fatkat raised over $500 towards the bowl for kids charity.



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