Monday, April 2, 2007


Whenever the boys from Big Hug Productions come to town we try to get together and do some abnormally silly stuff. This week we hope to go winter paintball'n. But first, let's take them out with Big Show and Mr.Dunn to a Miramichi Phantoms hockey game shall we?

Well that's the view of the game we had, exciting n'est pas? - We lost 9-8! Who loses with a score like that in hockey? Looks like we do I guess. (You'd think that I was in net!)

Budwardo Bolton chowing down on some Canadian Poutine.

Oh, how he loves the Poutine.

Keith was fighting walter for his can of pepsi. Walter tried hard but succumbed to Keith's tenaciousness.

Did Keith use this can of pepsi for good? Did he quench his poutine thirst?..

No, he poured it down some girl's back instead.

Those Big Hug guys are a hoot.

More pictures coming this week!


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