Thursday, April 26, 2007


So a few months ago you might have remembered that Fatkat was awared the Fastest Growing Company in Atlantic Canada award. We grew something like 977% in 2 years. It's actually even more now but don't ask me to do the math.

So a part of being the fastest growing company in Atlantic Canada we were invited to open up our minds and discuss the problems of expanding so quickly. A nice event was put up at Crystal Palace in Moncton on Thursday and we were invited to yap our faces off in some round table discussions. So who better to help then some of the people who actually are responsible for all of our success!

Senior Animator, Neven Nesic came fully prepared.

Followed by yours truly.

Tea Time with Tara Fowler!
And Crumpets with Senior Animator, Gwen Mitchell.

And of course the Illustrious Senior Producer, Big Show.

So we got down to business with our assigned tables.

We talked all about Diversity in the workplace, how to attract new hires, how to deal with culture shock, sales & marketing etc. I have lots of oppinions about all this, however this is not the time to talk about them. But soon!

I do reccomend one thing though and it's something I reccomended to everyone at this event.

I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and I was so happy, for one it gave me more ideas to make fatkat an even better place to work and also how to deal even more with people and what questions to ask them. I was so excited when reading it that at one point I stopped, ran downstairs and bought 4 more copies for my senior managers.

Read it, it's fantastic, it'll revolutionize your business.

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