Tuesday, April 10, 2007


When I think of executives, I think of slick suited, Porsche driving hipsters that run businesses betweens rounds of golf and trips to Europe. Men and women that few employees ever see let alone get a chance to meet or have a conversation with.

When I dreamt of having my own studio, I always hoped that the executives at Fatkat would never be those people and from what I know, we're not like that. But it's always nice to have someone else tell you you're not. Especially when it comes from 80 of your co-workers!

A couple of weeks ago (sorry for the post delay) there was a great surprise waiting for Nikki, Andrew and I at lunch! Tara dragged each of the executives downstairs to the pub (yes we have pub at the studio) - for each of us she came up with some sort of reason which had us concerned enough to go down stairs.

Waiting for us was the entire crew! The whole pub was dressed up with streamers and everyone was there and laughing and going on! It was fantastic, brought a tear to my eye. I really did start sniffling like an 8 year old. I'm sucha wanker.

The crew gave us trophies! It was awesome! - Andrew recieved the "Gassiest Boss in the Galaxy" - Nikki recieved the "Kraziest Boss in the Galaxy" and I recieved "Best Boss in the Galaxy" (don't worry it won't go to my head!) So honoured we are though!

Everyone had come together to thank us for all of our hard work, but it's you guys we should be thanking, it was so wonderful, I actually got teary eyed a bit!

I love you guys, thank you so much.


PS: Thanks to my wife because I know how hard it was to keep this secret! You're good woman!

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