Sunday, June 10, 2007


Loads of fun at French Fort Cove here in Miramichi. Great for biking, hiking or just walking around. There's also Kayak and Canoe rentals. Great fun and challenging trails even for the fittest of fiddles (as shown above). Here's a note from Scott Campbell.

Hello everyone,

It is now official, the second annual 4HoFFC will be held on Sunday, September 23rd!

Last year was a great success but this year should see many more entrants. I have attached a revised information poster and will include a registration form shortly @


The first 50 entrants will be getting an early bird prize!

For those of you who are local but not participating we will need many volunteers to make this a success, it will be a great experience for you too. We need on course safety and check point people. We need First Aid and communications equipment. We will need a couple of people for registration and a BBQ to raise money for the Miramichi Mountain Bike Club where we will be having hots & hams of the meat and meatless varieties.

I have also attached a Draft copy of our trail map; the course will be as follows;

Start/Finish will be on trail 21 heading to 16, from 16 turning left to trail 14 then right on 5 (this will be the only change from last year reducing the amount of NB Trail) across 52 and onto 7. From 7 to 9 returning on 11, 13 and 2.

Please forward this to all your friends,

Scott D. Campbell

Incline Sports
Miramichi N.B.

What I did today better be worthwhile...
because I paid for it with a day of my life.

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