Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Thanks for the pic, Tucker Cooke.

K, so I got a peek at the space we can use for Lifedrawing and it’s amazing, huge carpeted room, stage, lighting…and only a block away from work!

Stef is arranging models and we can start next week. I’m thinking Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 or 10. Anybody got any beef with that, just lemme know. (leave a comment) But I’m pretty sure that’s probably the best time for everyone tho…middle of the week seems good to me.

I will be collecting money from today until Monday. Everyone interested can pony up 10 bucks each and we’ll use that money for the models and when it runs out, we’ll pool up some more. If you pay, but do not attend all or any of the sessions, regardless of the reason, do not expect a refund.

People will have to provide their own transportation, paper, drawing surface, and possibly chair (im hoping they have them there). There are no drawing horses so be warned that you’ll probably have to use the floor, unless you have your own easel or something.

If anyone has any concerns or questions lemme know, if not, ill be collecting money starting immediately, what ever we collect Gene has said he will match that.

Also for the first little while there will be no working plumbing there, so if you need the bathroom, go before, or walk back to work, also bring your own water.

Dan Helle.


We should start a fund to get some life drawing tools! - I'll match that too!

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