Monday, July 23, 2007


A new (well its' new to me) vector animation software has come to my attention. Anime Studio might be worth checking into if you were going to stay kicking around in the realm of flashy lookin shows or web animation.

However if you're a good animator, draftsman and have already found a nice companionship with the established work-arounds of making flash do what you want, you probably are best sticking to what you already know. But who knows right?

The interface looks pretty complicated, but I guess so did flash when I first saw it. I'm sure the rigging bonus comes in handy.

Now, I firmly believe that flashy looking shows have run their course. I believe that the market is looking for higher quality shows then the typical slippy slidey shows like Odd Job Jack, Happy Tree Friends or Carl Squared. The quality bar is being raised and with it being raised do programs like Toon Boom and Anime Studio still offer the same amount of value as flash?

Again I think the software is just an extension of your personal skillsets. If you already have the fundementals of animation mastered and can design, pose and draw like the wind with great appeal, I think it really doesn't matter what software you use.

Well I'm sure Anime Studio won't make me a better animator, but it does make me wanna try it out!


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