Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Here's a comic I just did last night for Atlantic Business Magazine for their succession planning issue coming up. Dawn Chafe asked me to do the comic and answer the following question:

Dawn: Imagine you are in a position where, for whatever reason, you have no choice but to pass on the leadership of your company to someone else. Based on your own personal experience, as well as your observations of other businesses, is it better to recruit from within your company or should you look elsewhere for new talent? Why?

Me: Well if I had to relinquish the leadership of Fatkat I’d definitely be looking from within. I RARELY hire anyone for a middle or senior management role and certainly would NEVER hire (again) anyone for an executive role here at Fatkat. It takes years of training to grow a leader from the ground up. Someone that knows the company, the business we’re in and how to keep not only clients happy, but the employees happy too.

It’s rare that someone right out of the gate holds all of the company values so solidly. I would certainly exhaust every possibility internally before looking out the window for someone else – end of story.

Thanks for askin’!

Do you guys and gals think the comic represents the question well? What ya'll thinko!?


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