Monday, July 2, 2007


This year Fatkat was asked to lead Miramichi's Canada Day Parade! How cool! Check out some pictures from yesterday. Loads of fun!

Mike and Bev!



Sorcia and Sean!

Nikki on Rollerblades, what could happen?!

Miramichi has Police quads?~!

Big Show, Hennie Blaauw and I.

Barty getting ready for the parade.

Curtis and Ian!

Tracy and Liz!

Tracy also brought out Jorja and Farrah!

A good turn out of kats! Lauren, Robert, Louis and Stroud.

Neil and KC.

The Mums!

Me Mum, Tara!

Jon Roth, towering over everyone!

Oh yes, I forgot umbrellas!

Look how tall Mick looks here. HA!

A good time had by all!

Now off to Nikki's house for some guitar hero and happy party time!

Dallas and her uhm.....son..?

For those blog regulars, you'll notice good old Mick Harrison is back in Miramichi after a 2 year hiatus. Good to have you back Mick!
Keith, what's that in your hand?!
Super Strikas Director Hennie Blaauw enjoying himself!

Rowan Atkinson showed up as well!

Me and the missus, guess who's about to pop?! (seconds later Tara popped me in the mouth!)

We hope your Canada day was as good as ours!



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