Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It seems like ages ago that we started working on the first season of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Spray!"

This year we're rocking it out again! Bigger and Badder then ever!

Full page ad found inside "In Touch Weekly" while at the theatre.
This year's campaign is all over the web, print media and even TV; all pointing people to the web to watch the webisodes.

Doug Little VP of Production, Gene Fowler, Co-Director and Tracy Fernandez, Account Manager.

This year's team at Fatkat consisted of some of the finest designers and animators in house; folks like Keith Dury and Justin Coffee were throwing down! YUM!

Jimmy Richards Co-Director
Jimmy handled most of the directing capabilities on this season. I did a the first episode to get it all rolling and Jimmy took over in fine fashion. Logging a ton of hours; let's show him some love and pinch his bum next time we see him! Good Job Jimmy, the show is lookin solid bro!

Mike Concannon Art Director
Mike Concannon was instrumental in the art direction this year, breathing new life and sophistication into the backgrounds.

Geremy Walker Producer
Of course we couldn't do anything without these folks. Left to right Geri Donahue, one of the many fatkat accountants that keep the lights on. Season 3 Producer Geremy Walker and Account Manager Tracy Fernandez. Old picture.. sorry.

Enough babbling! - Let's watch some episodes!

Go to the site here
watch below!

Season 3 Episode 1:

Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 Episode 3

Season 3 Episode 4 - GO VOTE!!

Stay tuned for the final episode! We're almost done!


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