Sunday, September 30, 2007


That's right Kats and Kittens! The Ottawa International Animation Festival or OIAF for short was here and gone this past week and what a blast! And I mean stupendous! Seeing this being my first animation festival and since being my first one I tried to take in the festival as well as the city as it is our great nations capital and the such...But none the less, talk about AMAZING!

I had such a blast being able to meet industry giants like Dan Sarto, who is the co-founder and publisher of Animation World Network and Richard Rosenman who is currently heading up the new and upcoming Hatch Studios who's client's list from Autodesk Media and Entertainment to Ford Motor Company!
But more than anything it was the chance of a lifetime to experience and sample the people and personalities that make up the animation community, and I have to say it leaves a minty yet, orange after taste. hehe All jokingly aside I had a blast from flying over my home province of Ontario to touch down to watch Big Show and Sir John A. have a moment together.
And Wanda has an electric LED trip...
A trip would not be a trip without a limo cruise, now now, I know we are to have one for the Fatkat Komedy night, but honestly, I couldn't nor could Big Show and Wanda resist the temptation of arriving in luxury, class, and beyond all measures, the pursuit of kicking back in a limo! WOO HOO!
So, I know what's on your mind now. And that did the Pitch session go for Unidentified Flying Sombrero go? Well, it went great! As you can see Buddy and Keith working all hours to make sure that our pitch went successfully, and with time and patience great things ALWAYS happen! It's like a rule or something...
Check out all of the pretty people!
Since I was getting us all technically setup, I was blown away by all the toys I got to play with!
Also I got to layout all of our beautiful pitches for all of the panelists' to view while Buddy performed at his best!
Who were the panelists'? Well, we had Heather Kenyon, Senior Director of Original Animation, Cartoon Network, Marie McCann, Executive in Charge of Production, Children's TV, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Birk Rawlings, Director, Animation Development, NICKELODEON, Caroline Tyre, Manager, Acquisitions, TELETOON Canada Inc., Nathan Waddington, Director of Pan European Acquisitions, Jetix Europe Ltd! Whew! So much talent involved and wonderful eyes to feast upon UFS!
Here's Keith and I workin' on the sound and presentation, what a team!
We had some definitely big hits from Heather Kenyon from Cartoon Network who as far as to say that she would "...You are the kind of person I want to work with!" How amazing is that? That's right, frackin' incredible!
Stay tuned for part deux!

PS. Sorry for not posting earlier, no excuses me misses.

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