Monday, September 10, 2007


So it looks like the majority of the people that visit our blog are animators, with the majority of that group being employees here at fatkat. The other group being relatives of Fatkats. Very cool. Now we know our audience.

In the second Poll, it's obvious that people want more animation and art. But running a close second was more stories and articles about the fatkat krew. So it looks like we now know the content that our audience is looking for. Now we just need to deliver!

I'll keep posting more polls, defining this space a little more and getting it more focused on what you guys want to read about. Just so busy at the moment with Gavin! :)

I'm guessing that very last "other" comment was from our stalker pal in Kansas City, Poor Runny Legs, he's not over us.


PS: Not sure what I can do about the naked girls comment, I'll do what I can though.

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