Thursday, September 20, 2007


As some of you know Mick and I are working on a pilot together, while he's vacationing here in Canadia. It's SHADOWBOY!

A few months ago we wrote a 7 minute script and started to cast all the voices only to realize that the star Shadowboy had about 3 lines and was in the pilot for a mere 3.23 seconds. So we re-wrote the script and then shelved it for a bit to work on other rubbish. But he's leaving again soon, vacation over! - so we gotta get back on it!

In recent weeks Mick and I are back at it. Mostly Mick as it's his creative force that's executing all the stunning visuals that are in shadowboy. Today, I wanna show off a bit of what he's up to.

Check out this delicious background action.

Mick was complimented about his colour theory the other day and he said "what colour theory, I just keep changing it all till I like it." - guess that is truly what it's all about.

This was a first stab at the character line up. It's changed since, however I believe Shadowboy was the only character to remain the same. The chief looks completley different now as does Big Toe. More pics to come soon.

You should see this shot animated, it's tastey!

Love this beach scene, check out that crazy road inside the villa. Freaky!

This is also a crazy shot. Shadowboy is going to have some real forced perspective shots.

Here's a little lick of the script.


The city of Brightside. Population, mostly people. People with an illusive and ever present force for good. A guardian, an unflinching helper, a hero…. a stylist.

[Montage of SHADOWBOY about his work. Throws back teddy that falls from a baby’s pram. Shoves untucked shirt back into arse end of fat mans pants.]


It isn’t easy being all those things…especially that last one

(Looking at his tucking in hand)


Yes the city of Brightside of course is also home to that other side of the coin... the villain... the miscreant... the baaaaaaaaddie!

(cut to FLUGELBINDER walking up dock with large box on his back. He puts it down and wipes brow then addresses narrator)


Ya ya it sure isn’t easy being the rotten element either

Big Toe

Who are you talking to Flugelbinder?


Ermm… this box. here have a word yourself I hope it fits ze bill

Big Toe

I know it will, do you realise what I….


Ya that’s great… well must be going… goodbye darlinks

(jumps into the sea and swims away)


What is it boss?

Big Toe

It’s a Gravity Propostulator Dave


What’s it do?

Big Toe

It does this

(Presses button, Dave floats up into the air.



Big Toe

It also makes delicious toast… here you go Not Dave

(presses button and toast shoots into Not Dave’s mouth then turns off machine. Dave hits floor with a right whack)

Tune in next week, there's more to come!


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