Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What if I could tell you that we are on the verge of revolutionizing photography and film forever?

What if I could tell you that the future isn't through one lens, but through nineteen?

Adobe has developed such technology, no, this isn't stellar, or by any means a breakthrough, but it is something to contemplate when we view our 2d medium let a lone the extra dimension that is still out there...and possibly second, but that's for another day...

So, Adobe has created a lens that will take a photograph from nineteen slightly different angles to allow for both perspective and angle manipulation, AMAZING.

Check the following link for more information as I believe Dave Story, Adobe's Vice President of Interactive Design says it best!


And if you haven't had a chance yet today, head on over to Cold Hard Flash's blog and see our very own Jon Lambe's Kid Odin in full glory!

Way to go buddy!

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