Sunday, October 7, 2007


We've got a show that we've been working on for over a year now. Pozzles, a delightful little show with alot of potential. A genius idea created by Buddy Bolton and developed here at Fatkat.

Several artists have thrown down to this point Mike Schmidt, David Dick, Myself, Andy Coyle, but we were missing something.

The original concept work by Mike Schmidt. A good starting ground, but we felt way too stiff and way too toy-like and not enough cartoon.

Then David Dick came on board and made them much more simplistic and flash animate-able. I really dug this style, but the characters now lacked personality.

At this point, I chimed in to bring more character to the mix. But I feel I missed the mark, making them more cartoony than toy-like.
At this point, we realized to fully grasp Pozzles, we needed to go 3D.

So we snagged "3 Delivery" Director - Andy Coyle to do up some goodies in 3D, that encompassed all three of our designs. We liked them and went with them for a while.

Then this summer, we finally found the style we've been looking for; of course came from the hand of Mick Harrison, who's been visiting us for a bit this summer.

Early 3D work by Aadel Forootan. With Aadel and Mick working working on the designs and Beans keeping it all together, this project really took off!

Watch the demo! All the art and animation was done here at Fatkat, the sound design was done at Dacapo Productions. Much Love!

On a sad note, the voice acrtress, Margaret Lyndon died before being able to see the final demo of Pozzles. So we'd like to tribute this demo and show idea to her memory and her beautiful voice.


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