Friday, November 30, 2007


A bunch of Fatkat designers got together with the local Bistro to exhibit some of their recent art stuffs. Dan Helle, Justin Coffee, Patrick Dorian and Mick Harrison all contributed to the thick odour of assorted wines and stinky cheeses for your chemises.

This one is better looked at from the side.

My personal favorite!Lovely stuff, notice Montgomery Moth's album cover! yum!

Your mum must think she raised you wrong.

Rockstar Justin Coffee shows off some of his beauties, he has a new book showcasing his work coming out through Alberto Ruiz. Keep an eye out for it.

Fatkat Michelle Legendre did alot of the water colours for Coffee's art, great job!

Captain of Industry Mick Harrison did up some new stuff and grabbed some old jpegs from 1987 to showcase in the art show. From what I hear he made close to $3,900 + a throughly rummaged garbage bin. A good take home after all.

This one looks best on it's side. See, can you see it!?

Dan Helle chimed in with some of his recent girly works. Neato style!

Here's a neat one.


This one is for all the grandmas out there.

Yum, lets do it again next year!!


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