Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thanks to all that came out last night to the 3 Delivery episode one wrap party. I was dead tired as hell but I had a great time. It's nice to see people being themselves again instead of working like zombies under the stress of this project.

3 Delivery has been the toughtest project that Fatkat has ever taken on. I remember a couple of years ago now, alot of folks in the studio were requesting that we go after something more traditional after working on flashier cartoons for the most part. Well, it's here now and wow is it ever a tough show. It's eaten up alot of us and spit it out. This show has thrown us for a loop, it's huge and Fatkat is handling almost every process of production, from boards to offline post.

With all that said, we're moving forward, and the challenges, endless late nights and all the stress of production hell has made one fantastic looking show. A job well done to everyone, you are really pulling through and making quite arguably one of the most dynamic and well animated shows on Television.

Great job!


Mary Munson and Cameraman Charlie was in the house for the last few days filming an episode of CBC's "Land and Sea" of which fatkat has been featured. COOL!!

KC and New Kat Jason McArthur spinnin yarns.

Tara and Lauren catch up.

3 Delivery Director Tavis Silbernagel and Animation Director Patrick Proulx get familiar.

Glad I caught this on camera.

Senior Producer Robbie Anderson realizes we left the dvd screener at the studio.

Nikki and Tracy after some jello rastlin.

New Kat Curtis Carey getting to know some folks and having a good time.

Jon Weldon has easily stepped in and taken more photos since he arrived at Fatkat than I ever have.
Dan and Jason smashing out some shop talk.

Montogomery Moth frontman and Animation veteran Jeremy Donovan gives us the old one-two.

Animation Director and Leo DiCaprio look alike shows us the new tinsel town look.

Assistant Editor - Big Show looks on in awe at Rob's beauty.

Keith and his girl Kristen having some laughs.

Betsy and Paul's son having a good time, Louis in the background having a better one.

Jenny you got to come around more often and keep Louis in check!

Janie and I after realizing I wasn't wearing any pants.

Lauren raggin me out for taking too many close up pictures with her mouth open.

Mick checkin in with the missusssess.

Paula keepin her eye on everything, making sure we're all in check!

The smartest ladies in showbiz, yes even you Bruce.

The 4am shot of Mike and Mick.

Long time Fatkat animator Andy Coyle and Erika Worthylake enjoying the show.

Animation Coordinator Dan Theriault checkin out the frames as everyone stares at the back of his head.

A good time had by all! We should have a screening party for each episode! What y'all say!



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