Wednesday, March 19, 2008


uhm, yeah, whatever, Bowling for kids I mean.

For the 3rd consecutive year we went out for the brats and bowled some big numbers for Miramichi's Boy's and Girl's Club.

Me missus and the wee won ton came out as well! A family day!

Till mick stole my clone.

Lucky enough to have Tara steal him back just in time for Gavin to get up and get bowling for people his own size. He did decide to kick the ball instead of the usual way to bowl though.

Keith Fukumoto bringing the pain.

A Clean shaven Stroud graced us with his presence.

A fan favorite, Neville longbottom showed up for the cause. And I hear got kicked out cause he didn't bring his sponsor sheet.

This is what Mr. Rigglesworth thinks about that.

Gwenny suckin back some blizzard goodness, trying to cool her hot hands.

Gordie McBride got strike after strike by scaring the hell out of the pins.

Kate came out as well to smash down the whities.

Cindy-licious, shortly after this picture was taken started vomiting rainbows and unicorns!

Valarie came out and smashed them down, all for the little rug rats!

Thanks for all who came out and supported the cause. Big thanks to Keith Dury for keeping it all alive man! You're doing a great thing at the Boy's and Girl's Club!


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