Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here's the studio photo for Winter 2008! - Missing from the photo is Leon Arispunandar, Lauren Grieman, Cindy Blakney, Eric Cormier, Steve Valdez, Patrick Proulx, Paul Dupuis and Jon Jewitt.

Sorry for missing the one in March Kats, first few months of this year have been challenging to say the least. Three Delivery is a monster show. It's tough on the most experienced of folks and has chewed up and spit out quite a few good people since we've started.

As I took this picture I saw alot of tired folks, who've been working their guts out night and day, weekends, whatever it takes to get the job done and the show looks good! It's not too often in this day that a North American studio takes on a traditionally drawn show and has the chops to pull it off. It's quite evident that even though we're taking a beating on our personal lives, the show is well done guys and gals. So good on you for sticking to it and making it shine.

Robbie, Doug, Tavis and I are searching for ways to help streamline the show even further so we can get more done in less time. If you have some suggestions, as usual, please post them here, or email anyone of us. I want to get our lives back folks!

Keep rockin,


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