Friday, August 29, 2008


I wanted to put up some samples of the new Space Knights for you guys. For those of you who don't know, it's the "other" show we're doing right now. Though I'm not sure how you wouldn't have known that... unless you're deaf and blind... I digress.

First up is the new Red Knight.

The bombastic leader. You can tell because he wears red and has a heroic voice. Like Brendan Fraser, he's tough yet approachable. Unlike Brendan Fraser, he's a big brother on weekends and teaches kara-tay at the local Y. Artistically all of the other knights look the same, just colored different.

And then we have Beyonda.

Beloved wifey of the Black Knight, Beyonda is best described as hot. Sure... loud-mouthed, bitchy, shrill, and irritating are probably more accurate, but who cares when she looks like that!

Last but most definitely not least, Croctopus!

This giant cross between a crocodile and a platypus is looking for love! He's a libra who enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and timid woodland creatures. Unfortunately he only dates nines or tens, so he spends most of his time smashing things and yelling nonsense.

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