Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The Space Knights have left their temporary layer here in New Brunswick and are venturing to the Ottawa International Animation Festival this year to help promote their new animated show on Teletoon. They're here, one's queer and they mean business!

They all stopped at this little joint outside of Montreal to try 32 types of poutine. It was a weirdo little restaurant that was quickly surrounded by evil Dinosaur transexuals. The Knights battled off the dirty dino's in keen fashion using monster trucks from a nearby monster truck rally. Go Space Knights!

Blue Knight packing some muscle.

Our fearless Leader and world famous cunning linguist, Red Knight looks on after defeating those dirty tranny saures rexeses.

Poor Green Knight, without his wheelchair he was just dragged around and eventually penetrated by the sheer power of the dinos. He took most of the pictures however.

Reporting from Ottawa, and with the characters from best animated show soon to be on television,


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