Saturday, November 1, 2008


Some craziness found on Oso's facebook page. Looks like I missed a hell of a party last night!!

Jeremy's had this costume for almost 10 years now. It's still awesome.

And of course bringing in cash!

Louis St.Pierre took a trip up from Moncton to hang out.

Geri and Kate have never looked so good. Kate as Gord, that's a killer.

Mr.Coyle as his fav.
Daniel was obviously too tired to finish his lunch so Oso jumped in and had a bite.

Lauren dumped the chicken outfit and went for Calypso in a sports jacket.

I think this is Rob Anderson Junior under the scarecrow mask.

KC in the naze.

Nice to see Janie around!

Darren and the crew gaze on as Gord chugs a beer through his nose.

Way too serious!
Our very own living dead girl.

The Bruddas Grim!

This is absolutley the greatest face I've ever seen Tavis pull.

Thanks to Oso for the pics!


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