Monday, March 30, 2009


Hi Gene,

Larry, Amy would like to extend a note to your amazing crew at Fatkat for all their hard work, please pass this along.

Dear Fatkats,

Now that animation has just wrapped at the Fatkat studio we wanted to take the opportunity to send out a big thank you to the entire FK crew for all their hard work on Three Delivery! It has been a long and challenging road, but in the end we have created an amazing show that we should all be extremely proud of.

It is no small feat to have completed two seasons worth of a traditional style show in flash considering the limited amount of time and people that we had on board. It is truly a testament to the hard working production staff and artists at Fatkat that we were able to make such a great-looking show that is now set to air on more than 6 international broadcast channels from the UK to Australia.

So thank you all for all the late nights, working weekends, and trudging through the cold Miramichi snow (which hasn’t stopped yet, I hear!). The show absolutely couldn’t have done without your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to this project.

I know that I speak for everyone at AC when I say that we are proud of the show and we hope that you are proud too. We believe that it will be on the air for years and years to come around the world.

Thanks for all your time and talent,

Your friends at AC

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