Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oooh, now doesn't this little guy have something? I didn't see it before. But this is nice and michevious!
All it needed was a bit of convincing and I got that little fellah to show his true colours.

Loogaroo | Haitian Style:
In exchange for untold powers the Loogaroo would remove its skin and carefully fold it up, hang it on a silk cotton tree, then turn into a ball of fire to go collect blood for the prince of darkness.

Shutters and boarded up windows are no protection against this sneaky blood robber as he can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks. But there is a way to protect yourself....

If he comes across a mixture of rice and sand sprinkled in front of any door or window, the Loogaroo will feel compelled to count every single grain before he enters. Be sure to aim high in your estimate then double it when you are throwing your grains down and hope its enough to keep the sucker from entering until the safety of sunrise.

What a character.


  1. I love these man! I really do! wicked! sick!

    Keep em rolling!
    All the best for your new pad!


  2. Big thanks to Mick Harrison, he's the man behind this little guy and the logo. I'm just ruining it with my miami vice / max headroom bullshit graphic tag ons. heheha. but I like it too. Thanks dude!

  3. Wow this is really coming along quickly. Very nice work! Funny Business is a great slogan as well :)

    Really great stuff, cant wait to see some amazing stuff coming out of Loogaroo!