Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tavis can't believe it's not butter.

Those who know me, know I'm not one to sit about for very long, I think it was actually a week and a half from when we closed down Fatkat to when I couldn't sit in my house thinking of all th possibilities and opportunities that were just waiting for me if I got up off my ass.

My apologies to me partners in crime of whom I drug out of the summertime pleasantness they were experiencin' to once again thrust forth into the great world of entrepreneurship. There'll be plenty of time for restin' when you're in a pine box ya buggahs.

So, what'd we do this week, nuttin much, Jalloo'd.

Murrance P. Bain of Copernicus gives you the evil eye. He expects it back, promptly.

As for Andrew Holland's tooth, you can keep it. He'll grow another one, yes he has that ability.

David listening to my arguement on why the new Star Trek is quite possibly the greatest movie of all time.

Rob's reaction when David asked him how he liked working on Three Delivery. Kidding... ...maybe... no, probably not.

A little doodle I did of some of the friends/speakers/panelists/table dancers we partied together while we Jalloo'd. Left to Right, Andrew Holland, Gene Fowler, Rob Anderson, Murray Bain, Luke Conrad, Adam King, David Wiebe and Leslie Headrick.

I just realized I didn't draw M.A Kuttner from Collideascope. Damn, sorry M.A.

So that's it.


  1. Hey,

    It's great to see you got off your lazy ass and finally did something. I was starting to worry bud.

    Taker easy

  2. donkey's nobs!

    ah the owd local beer stop...

    yeah that's all