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Few details on new fund

by: Marise Strauss, Playback.comSep 23, 2009

The federal government says it will inject $37.5 million over the next five years into a new fund to boost the creation of "interactive cultural content" such as applications for web and mobile platforms -- though Ottawa seems unclear where the money is coming from, and who will hand it out.

Heritage Minister James Moore unveiled the Canada Interactive Fund on Wednesday at Toronto's Seneca College. CIF is open to candidates from aboriginal and ethnocultural communities, as well as official-language minority communities and other not-for-profit cultural organizations.

The new fund is expected to "build technical capacity" and enhance Internet and new technologies within the organizations that receive funding, according to a statement from Heritage.

"With such a diverse student population, Seneca well understands the value of nurturing cultural identities," commented Seneca's associate VP of academic Henry Decock, adding that students graduating from digital media arts and animation programs are "poised to contribute to projects that cultural institutions will undertake with this funding."

It is not clear, however, if the CIF will replace Heritage's Partnerships and Gateway funds, which also back new media efforts by minority communities and non-profits. Heritage says both funds will continue to "operate through 2009/10" but gives no indication as to their fate after that period. Meanwhile, the CIF will be in place for 2010/11.

There is also no word on who will be administering the fund. Heritage did not respond to questions by press time.

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