Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Amongst the many shows that we're developing at Fatkat, here's one that just so happened to drop into my lap today.

Recently we were awarded a rather handsome project, the client had a rather ingenius concept to help market their products. Creating a cartoon family to represent. I've done up a few concepts, amongst them was this guy;

So I was thinking to myself, if the client doesn't choose this style of character or in particular, this design. I'd like to try to make a show around him. dumkid, I believe would be about a kid who moves to the big city and gets a job as an intern at an animation studio. (sound familiar?)

I've opened the idea up to the web for development. You can contribute ideas here on the drawing board. I'd appreciate any ideas or past experiences. Or whatever!

This should be fun to develop, if the client doesn't want him.


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