Thursday, March 3, 2005

The one that almost got away

After Hyun Mi left, a few hours passed and I got a call from a friend of hers. He spoke pretty good english so it was easier to get a feel for what Hyun Mi was all about and what kind of skillsets she had.

I have come to learn that she's very much a capable Flash animator as well as super hero type background painter. ( I should have guessed, with her skills in painting so strong). Most people who are that highly skilled are multifaceted.

So here it is, I've hired her, I just couldn't let her get away, a talent like that doesn't just walk in the door everyday. We have a rather large webisode series that we're working on at the moment and man, what a way to add some superior quality to the already amazing layouts that Mick has created. She'll be working freelance out of her home studio until a longer term project comes into Fatkat. Which should be relatively soon.

- Gene.

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