Thursday, April 14, 2005


When Andrew and I were at the Kidscreen Summit in NYC in Febuary we met alot of cool people. But there was no cooler cat then a chap I met at a dapper shin dig held at Curious Pictures. Amongst all the drunkeness was a well dressed man by the name of Bruce Tanton.

Bruce an independant producer out of Toronto looking to get further into animation, joined Andrew and I in slugging back one to many marguritas that night. We also had some great talks about cartoons and animation in general. At least I think we did.

The Next day, we somehow met up with Bruce again and just in time for more drinks and schmoozing. This is when Brucey decided to drop his idea for his cartoon. I have to be honest right out of the gate it didn't grab me. But he did, right by the grapes! Bruce had a passion for his cartoon and the animation industy equivalent to Mick and Sixteen year old girls. With that kind of enthusiasm, well it was time to get loaded and see the sights of NYC, and boy did we ever!

Check out some shots.

Andrew even met Spidey!

For the rest of the week we hung out and chatted, sharing our experiences and such. It was great. Later, as we we're leaving for our respective hometowns, we vowed to get together and go over his idea with a fine tooth comb.

I'm not sure what happened, perhaps I sobered up and realized the potential and originality of Bruce's idea. About a month later.. BAM I found Bruce wondering into the Studio with a beer or two.

We had a blast going over his cartoon, great ideas pouring as freely as the beer.

We even deputized Bruce with his own Fatkat Jersey. We later wore it out and continued to get shit faced. In the twilight hours of the night, long after I had retired, the rumour has it that Bruce and Mick were involved in an altercation at a local night club, there was some throwing around of bodies as the evening wound down with the sound of sirens. Now that's the kind of fun we have when clients come to town!

So production starts on Bruce's pilot next week. We'll be establishing some art direction then. But as anxious as we are to get rolling (the latest script is really original and cool). We've been tinkering away at some stuff. Here's some of that stuff.

Concept sketch

A clean up run of one of the sketches.

Then I threw them onto a BG from an old production.

Then singled out one for a mix. What do you think?

More to come, I'll keep you posted yo!

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