Thursday, April 14, 2005

Man, we're nice people.

As you all know, Fatkat is pretty active in the community. We're always pushing for this and that, donating our time, advice and sometimes when we can afford it, Money and production efforts.

A few months back, we went bowling for kids, I shared some pics from that, but here's the official picture we recieved in the mail.

Last year we also did a free public service announcement for the Save Our Hospital Campaign. You can watch the PSA Here. Here's a picture from the shoot too.

I gotta say one of the most rewarding things we've done, besides donating Fatkat Turkeys last year...

... was the work we've done so far with the Eel Ground First Nations School. Last year we donated an animated piece for their annual "Celebration of Technology" event. It was a huge honour and a big event. Even the Prime Minister, Paul Martin made an appearence. (He secretly spoke about Fatkat to other big wigs and told them how "Fucking Metal" Fatkat was).

You can see the intro animation HERE.

Then starting in January of this year Peter MacDonald, the school's principle and good friend of mine hired Fatkat to come teach his students basic flash animation techniques. I regret not getting up there personally but alot of the Fatkats volunteered their time once a week to travel up to the school.

You can watch the hilarious film these kids made for Health Canada HERE.

We'll be taking part of alot of other events this year. I'll keep you all posted.



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