Saturday, May 21, 2005


Shortly after ending our super happy fun lunch day - Plunger edition - Work Day. Nikki went home to prepare for the party.

Last night we had some super silly fun. After all, making silly cartoons for TV is quite stressful. So the super silly fun we had was a tribute to the great work that we've done on our current production for (SHH!) sorry we can't say. Also for all the hard work that we've done on the 2 direct to dvd featurettes that we produced for Horseback Salad Entertainment back in the winter. This is indeed a wrap up party for us Kats, but more importantly for Dave and Cindy.

It all started inside at the bar around 7pm.

A rum shooters! Get's everyone rolling!

Shortly before this picture, james threw up in his mouth a bit.

Maxwell get's dressed for the occasion.

That's an illegal move!

Beans calls it a night. Says goodbye in his own way.

Maxwell, victim of Nikki's fashion show.

Channy showcases her wavy natural hairdo.

The love i have for Cindy and Dave is unparallel.

But the hatred is strong as well.

Andy! What are you doing?

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