Monday, May 23, 2005


Time for Fatkat's on trampolines!

Channy strikes the barker's beauty stance.

Cindy almost flies off the unassembled trampoline, lucky enough Dave was ther to catch her by the..ahem..

Daniel still in winter clothing.

You can't see it here, but John was actually naked from the waist down.

Dave does a gene dance. Silly Dave.

Craig knocks over his Girl, Channy and claims the "king of the hill" title.

Channy getting some air.

Dave & cindy fake the smiles. They just took a massive hit on a hooka!

On of Nikki's friends, Neven hit on her all night. Shame on you Neven.

Some of Nikki's cooking, Mick hit on these all night, shame on you Mick.

Mick, shortly after devouring 4 hamburgers.

I peed myself.

Neven gets ready to debut his routine.

He starts off with a triple double mountain goat.

of which turns into a 360 flatfront ostrich poke.

Neven then tries his weasel heart maneuver.

of which he lands successfully turning into Mitch Martin.

He then pulls out the stops, spinning into a flatulant gopher flat spin.

but as he fails to put out his kick stand he loses his grip and begins to lose his looks.

Mick insn't impressed with Neven at all so he.

decides to turn his focus to Mitch's girlfriend.

While Mitch and Neven dance like island monkeys on the trampoline.

Which ends in a 3 hour long make-out session.

Let's do it all again!

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