Sunday, May 1, 2005


Last week we started on a new gig from our friends (some ex-fatkats even) at Copernicus Studios in Halifax.

It was a great couple of days of old stories and of course consuming mass quantities of alchohol. Murry Bain, whom helped me start Fatkat back in 2000 came down with Luke from SGS to speak to the crew about the new show and to help them rid some bad habits. I don't want to get into it too much but I do want to share some pictures.



Left to Right: Gene, Murray, Jon, Dave, Cindy, Luke.

Neat shot of Murray, we were checking out at the time.

Daniel and Luke kick back in the mini recliners. I told you they were a good investment Nikki!

Murray quickly turns off the porn before I can get it on film.

So we were having a great time telling old stories, making up some new ones, chuggin beer and then...

The arseholes showed up. They're not that bad actually.

Jon goes into his one of his "Back when I was a scrub boy for Ron Jeremy stories".

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