Friday, May 6, 2005


Wowzers doctor bob were the first words out of my mouth when I gave my acceptance speech at the 7th annual KIRA awards in Fredericton last night. Winning was totally unexpected, but it's so nice to see that even yahoos like us can win very prestigious awards like a KIRA.

It's very cool to be regarded amongst industry leaders as an emerging star in the marketplace. Even though where we are isn't our target market, or even an industry where we can lean on fellow companies in our field of animation. We're kinda all alone in NB when it comes to animation. Perhaps that's why the gave us a nod, we're as I see it. Pioneers in animation within NB.

For this nod I'd like to take the moment to thank some folks. Not that alot of people know about our little blog here. But I think after last night there will be a few more viewers.

First off, my wife. She's stuck with me through thick and thin. She is my pillar of strength. My folks, who have supported me through my time and even helped me hit payroll at one time. I value your love and support. Nikki Hilton my Chief Operations Executive and all around saviour. This award will be sitting on your desk for some time. Andrew Dunn, who has done wonders for Fatkat in the short time that we've been here. Thanks to him people are starting to know who we are before we approach them.

My Senior folks at Fatkat, John Nowlan for helping me get this studio off the ground. I couldn't have started without you. Cindy Blakney and Dave Rigley who have stood by me through thick and thin for these last 2 years. I value your friendship and hardwork. Bill Gulliver for coming through when we needed you too, I beleive you will be our next big thing!

To my crew, the whole lot of ya! To your endless and tireless work ethic, your nights and weekends that help us keep on top of the game. You're all troopers and I wouldn't trade you guys for the world.

Last but not ever least, the supportive people from our muinicipal, provincial and federal governments of Canada.

Minister Margaret Ann Blaney, Calvin Stewart & Pat Savoie at Training & Employement Development.

Business New Brunswick : Minister Peter Mesheau, Jamie Campbell, Len Weeks, Steve Kelly and Mike McIntosh of Exports and Investment.

All of the wonderful folks at NBFILM. Roger Cyr and Ghislain Labbe for being there for us and listening to our thoughts on the future.

ACOA, my good pals Randall McGregor, Mike Lavigne and Claude Schofield.

Regional Development Corp. Rocky Landry.

Enterprise Miramichi, Darryl Black and my pal Raymond Arsenault.

CBDC, Nancy Corcoran, Wayne Carpenter and Greg McNulty

Export Development Canada.

To all our excellant clients, supporters, employees and their families!

Thank you so much!


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