Sunday, June 5, 2005


Fatkat is looking for more talented folks to join our crew!

You MUST have a great handle on basic animation principles and a good design sense either in characters or backgrounds.

Fatkat likes versatile folks. The more programs you know the better; as we are a studio that is commissioned to produce a whole plethora of different projects. From full 3D productions, motion graphics work in after effects, print ads, commercials, traditional pieces and a TON of flash work.

Currently we're working on a tv show, a couple of music videos, a couple of web series, a teaser trailer for a pre-school series, tests for Warner Bros and Contender Entertainment, ramping up for possible productions on two flash features and to boot, we're pitching our own shows too! WE NEED FOLKS BABY!

The ideal candidate is someone who has great character or Background design skills and has a great flash animation skill set. We need happy, silly, positive creative people. Toxic personalities will be weeded out.

Send a resume, character or BG designs and flash or traditional animation samples.



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