Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Every once in awhile an ex-fatkat comes back to the litterbox to see how wees is doin.

Last week my good friend Rodrigo Amador came back to Miramichi to check on Tara and I and to make sure we we're not dishonouring that beautiful logo he designed us back in the day. Yeah dude, this is that guy.

Rod is currently working in Ottawa for Amberwood on the Zeroman feature, he's a jack of all trades this guy. He's doing storyboards right now on the feature but back in the day with Fatkat he did everything. Even before that we both worked on designing characters for the 3rd season of Freaky Stories together. Then on to For Better or For Worse.

When I think of a versatile artist I think of Rod. He can draw he can paint, 3D, video editing and even directing. He knows how to make cartoons and boy I tell ya, if I could just persuade him to stay in this little town, Fatkat would be all the better for it!

While we were here we had some drinks with Mick and Tara at my place. We broke out the dark rum which was probably a big mistake on my part, I'm famous for getting a wee bit out of control on the dark and dirties. That night we went to an industry bash at the local pool hall, some dudes from Ubisoft were there as well as instuctors and students from the local animation college. Being the class act that I am I proceeded in calling everyone dicks and even poured beer in some guys fucking shoe!

Rod summed it all up the next morning via a neato doodle.

There's always a story made here at Fatkat, at least once a week someone does something stupid or as a group we decide to do the silly or truculant.

Anyway, it was great to hang out with my dear friend again. Come back again soon Roddy!


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