Thursday, June 16, 2005


On our last day we met up with our good pals at DaCapo Productions out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. These guys are top shelf dudes that handle most of our music, voice recording, sfx and mixing. They run a super type studio and are most accomodating even on short notice; which seems to be the case most of the time. I love these guys.

After some drinks in the rundel lounge at the Banff Springs hotel. The four of us got a hankering for some wild boar and elk burgers. We jumped in Olaf's VW and hightailed it to downtown Banff; to Wild Bill's Restaurant. Clint chewed up some elk, I with some Salmon, Andrew with his healthy filling of Chicken and dumplings and Olaf with his healthy portion of chicken vaginas...ahem.. I mean Fajinas, FAJITAS!

- A long story that if told quick would last half as long as you would enjoy.

It was only after dinner that I remembered I had a camera. Olaf and Drew have sweet teeth and they were in luck as Banff is full of chocolate shops and candy stores.

With Olaf buying, what the hell, let's do it!

I loves me nut clusters.

Drew had a hankering for some buffalo chunks. Thankfully we found these, as the next step would have seen us combing the golf course.

Clint, Olaf and Drew endulge not only in chocolate but into heavy hearted conversation...

...and bear hugging.

Olaf hiding behind his camera, he says he's too fat, oh stop it Olaf, you're so silly.

A good shot of Clint close up and personal.

There you have it!

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