Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well, it was off to Banff, Alberta for another turn at networking with big wigs and pitching our cartoon shows. This year Drew and I teamed up to tackle the wild rocky mountain network executives in an attempt to show them the light at the end of the tunnel which is a remarkable Fatkat Kartoon!

This years cartoon priority pitches; a action/comedy series for 8 to 12 year olds entitled 'Shadowboy' and a pre-school series that we're co-producing with The Comedy Unit out of Scotland called 'Hopper'.

We pitched these two shows pretty steadily througout the festival. Andrew handeling the duties on Hopper and I on Shadowboy. It's funny you know, the networks you most readily prepare for, or even cater to with the pitch; you'd think would lead to a connection that would result in them gobbling the idea up and sealing it with a bag of money. Drew and I quickly found out that again, this business is totally unpredicatable; largely in part I think due to the fact that Art is open to oppinion and taste. So sometimes it's best to not only gear your pitch towards the network's mandate but also to the personal taste of the person you're pitching to.

But enough of that, here's some pictures of Drew and I getting shitfaced.

HEY! We met up with our writer pal Johanna Stosik, she's fantastic and also a platnium blonde this year!

The reverse, Arny picks his nose while drew and I reflect on our long flight in form Toronto.

Drew's sister Meaghan, no resemblence there. Meags was nice enough to host us while we were in Banff. Thanks so much!!

You know it's party time when Drew breaks open the guitar case in search of old Betsy.

Gene flakes out on Boddington's cream ales...

...then continues with his Grinch impressions.

After more embibing of the liquid goodness, drew takes it up a notch adding some serious facial expressions to his routine.

I contemplate the serious meaning of the Jack Cheddar Dorito...

...and it's ties to the meaning of life.

Then passed out on the floor.

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