Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Andy Coyle is a "Fatkat Sleeper".

A sleeper is what some professionals call someone who's amazingly talented but you don't know just how talented until it's too late.

In the sixties it was a term used for when you're at the dragstrip with your suped up hotrod and some nerd pulls up in his mom's station wagon. The christmas tree runs down to green, you step on the pedal knowing full well you're going to smoke this geek, but then he proceeds to blow your doors off and doesn't even spill his milkshake.

In our case, it's not too late at all. While walking past Andy's desk the other day, I noticed two things.

1) A still from a little short that Andy is working on featuring a little cactus character. (Link to come later I hope).

2) That Andy was eating an entire roast chicken.

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