Friday, August 12, 2005


Well shit, after two months of intense work it's finally done and man it looks goood!
Our very own Mick Harrison lent his magical hand to design all the backgrounds and characters.
While they were pouring in Neven Nesic made them come to life!
What did I do? Well, not much i tell you, directed it. Made sure it's up to snuff, but hell I tell you it's essy to direct amazing artists such as Mick and Neven as they already think like directors!!

What a good looking spot! It's bound to make millions I tell you.

About making some millions, I think if it does perhaps I'll clean up my act and buy Fatkat some scooters. I have been thinking it over a bit and I think these turkeys could use some transportatio-nez. I might even splurge a bit more and buy candy. I like candy, it's yummy.

Check out the Hopper teaser
and send some checques or money orders when you're done.


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