Sunday, August 7, 2005


On Kaj's 3rd day we finished up the timing on the animatic for his show. We had some chili and grilled cheese samiches at the local diner, (Green's diner). By the time 4pm rolled around we started getting ready for a special treat. A boat trip!

The whole studio packed up their pencils and shut down their computers, gathered beer and headed down to the docks.
Patrick begins to cut it loose.
Kaj and Michael get ready to make way.
Brie and Robert get their yankee on.
Liz made it down the ladder in one piece, thanks for organizing all this Liz!!
Salad hooks up with an old friend.

Tara before

Kaj loosens his tie.
We pull into port at Ritchie's Wharf

This dude was about to barf, I almost caught him.
The ship's Captain, "Ner"gave me a shot of the Gulf Lass's special tequila. Yum!
Neven starts to turn vegetarian as his alcohol level surpasses the legal limit.
Tara's new friend comes to say hello.
Ner and his first mate, chillin out.
Cool reflections on the water.
Enjoy yo'self Mike Concannon!

ok, that's enough. :o)

Thanks for coming out everyone and thanks to Mike and Kaj for coming down and to visit!

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