Sunday, August 7, 2005


Having Kaj at the studio was a great experience for all of us. I especially learned alot from him in the 3 days we sat going through his storyboards building an animatic for his new show.

Here's the 5 primary characters for the show, the family of penguins and of course Mr. C. Gull.

Kaj's a genius film maker and one that remembers something that many do not in this day, which is - Even though you may be working for a client on a project and you must respect their wishes and take into consideration their suggestions, the audience is the other "silent partner" in this endevour and you must put forth their wants and needs; sometimes even before the clients. That being said sometimes your client needs to be educated during this process. After all some clients aren't film makers, hell some aren't even creative types and many can't see the end product or distinguish what they want from what their audience may want.

So we must always be constructive, teaching them as we teach ourselves, that they will respond to and respect you for. Help them realize while this may be their first project or film, that it is certainly not yours; you do this everday. To them the project may be a fun vacation, but to you it is a fun vocation.

ok I'm ranting. Kaj didn't say any of that stuff about educating the client, that was me, but he did put his two cents about the audience being the "silent partner". However he did say it in a more charming manner then I ever could.

But hey, here at Fatkat we're not ALL work and no play. On the second day we took Kaj and Michael out to the Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure Lodge. What a cool place! So much aboriginal history, well and a little bit of humour from our host Nelson Cloud.
Nelson Cloud, Metepenagiag Native and Stand up Comedian. Funny enough he won the first HubCap Comedy Festival that took place in NB. Some of you will remember that we did a commercial for the HubCap Comedy Festival back in March and are currently working with them on developing an animated series. Small world.
While Kaj and Michael were down the Telegraph Journal also popped in to do a story on our new relationship with them on their new show. Here's a shot of Michael in his spiff Fatkat Jersey and Derwin getting the goods on our new adventure.

Here's the article. Look at them jerseys!
Here's the close up.

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