Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So Andrew and I had driven 12 hours through 3 provinces in our quaint and suprisingly gas efficient Kia Sorento. From our animation studio in Miramichi NB to the country's capital we went; remaining on Beef Jerky, Red Bull and chocolate chip muffins.

Some pictures from our winning the Plaster Rock highway. We made it through withou hitting a moose! yay for us.. .. and the town of Plaser rock.

On our road to Montreal...
Andrew snoozing.

After reaching 8am rush-hour traffic in Montréal and finally entering our Aristocat suite hotel room in Ottawa, we put away our belongings and after dazingly reviewing OIAF agendas and meeting schedules we went for a walk.

I love making faces in the mirror.
My favorite, the joker..

THinking of home...

Andrew thinking of beer.

We got into some good laughs about Fart Powder and tje value of electric pens.

with none other then Buddy Bolton, comic and genius behind Timmy Myers, Boy Sherrif, My Aventures with Cloe and Lonesome Duck. All productions Fatkat is associated with. Snoogins...

Regardless of this, Buddy wanted to set us on Fire.
Andrew mad a deal that if Buddy would let us live, that he would make out with the cartoon star, Cloe...

..and he did.

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