Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ok, so we got up this morning, I think I was still drunk. No, I know I was still drunk. But onward and upward right?

So we get into the conference, our fellow festival goer Buddy Bolton and drew, stuffed their faces with some grub, I was still feeling too groggy for Breakfast.

We hit the fast track sessions, pitching our title show - Hopper and also flanking Buddy as he pitched Lonesome Duck and My Adventures with Cloe. All three shows got alot of interest from broadcastors throughout these sessions and later on that day with other appointments. It was a great experience and feeling to know that you're on the right track with some of these properties.

Here's a picture of buddy pitching to Ken Faier from Nerd Corp.

Again, Buddy pitching a show to Teletoon's Athena Georgaklis. The actual pitch package was in Cloe's belly; classy, hilarious. It really got some laughs.

The high point of the day for me was not all the network interest on our shows but a boat ride around the Rideau Canal put on by the festival. We hurried up the open bar and let the fun begin around 6pm.

A nice shot of Andrew and Buddy.

Then I ran into an Irish guy, and funny enough he works at FatCat Animation Studios in Arizona. !!!!!NOT TO BE CONFUSED IN ANYWAY TO THE REAL FATKAT ANIMATION STUDIOS HERE IN CANADA!!!!! His name is Pierce Cullinane. We took a few pictures of him with us to stick it to those imposters down south!

Fuckers think they can steal our name. We're Fatkat with a K yo!!! Nah it's all good, we'll share the name, we know who we are, we're comfy cozy.

A very dramatic shot of Buddy.

A very dramatic shot of the Bartender.

Ok, here it is, we know that we're silly, you by now, the viewing public and fellow animation enthsiasts know that we're a bunch of yahoos, drawing cartoons and having fun. Well last night we decided that the next day, we would have some real fun.

While we were on the boat ride we met with a lot of people. One of the highlights was finally getting to meet John Evershed from Mondo Media, of whom we're about to engage in a rather large production together. We've been speaking for several months, investing several thousands of dollars into our relationship. Late last night Buddy showed us this cool little gimmick and then it struck me. We had to test the relationship with John, we know we're a solid animation studio, he's obviously a great producer. What better way to help us bond then playing a prank on him.

The night before we laid the sketchwork for the prank.

We thought that Buddy's Electric Pen was amazing, It really gives a good shock when you try to use it. hours of fun. Our initial idea was to send it to Mondo Media, but with Jon right here in Ottawa. We knew that we had to try to get him to use the pen. Here's the footage. Hilariously Risky, but he's a great guy, building great Cartoons, we knew he'd be the type of guy that would have a laugh and then get us back 10 times worse later on. We know it's coming and it's going to be great.

Later on, after the boat ride, we went in search of a beer store with Pierce and Buddy.

Buddy and I having some sillyness.
A good shot of Pierce, this guy is the coolest. Right now we're having a great talk about animation in our hotel room. We're about to go hit the opening night party. We're not bringing the cameras but hell, trust me on two things; we're going to be working hard and playing hard.

See you tomorrow.

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