Saturday, September 24, 2005


Our second night in Ottawa was just as entertaining as the first, leaving us very drunk and walking home very late.

The next morning we packed our bags full of pitches and headed out with Buddy to the conference; he had Cloe strapped to his back. Cloe was very popular with the ladies; she got the biggest laughs as she walked down the street.

After all the pitches and meetings we hopped into a cab and got lost trying to get to PiP Animation Studios.
Here's one of the Fatkat founders, Rod Amador. Rod now works with Pip, but that's ok as we're now working with Pip and once again with on the pre-school show, Caillou.

It's about time Rod got a jersey, damn, he designed the logo you know!

Here's David Fortier from Pip showing us some amazing layouts from they're new show Carl squared. They were amazing, the layouts and the people. So friendly!

When we arrived we decided to hand around the electric pen. David first tried it and boy, he didn't even flinch. Perhaps this is the reason that Dulcie Clark (president and ceo of Pip) took it and gave it a squeeze. After a good minute of laughter we swept up some of the cups and plates that broke after her scream. Buddy Bolton quickly came to the rescue of some pictures that flew off the wall. Damn I should have gotten that on video. After all the laughs, the pen quickly dissapeared into the studio, we could hear some yelps while we continued our talks in the foyer.

Later on I reunited with some old friends, one being José Pou the other Frank Taylor. José and I met last year at the festival and hit it off well, drinking well into the night I think he was the only reason I made it back home. It's all really foggy, he's having a blast at Pip!

The story of Frank Taylor and I go back awhile. We first met in 1997 when I first made my appearence at the Ottawa animation festival as a student of NBCC Miramichi. I met Frank while he was at Funbag Studios in Ottawa. He was always very nice and I'm sure had a hand in my hiring by Funbag to work at their layout and posing studio Helix Animation in Halifax. I'm so glad to be working with Frank again, he's a great guy and is doing great things with
Pip Animation and his company Title Entertainment.

We're so glad to be working with all of you guys on Caillou!

After we returned to the hotel we were greeted by our next appointment. Craig McConnell from Inside Music

Craig is a great guy and used to play bass for the Wild Strawberries! Cool! Now besides partnering with us to make cartoons he's also managing bands such as The Novaks (BUY THE ALBUM!). We're glad to be working with you man!

After our drunken stuper with Craig and Buddy we decided around midnight to begin our drive home to Miramichi. 10 hours later I make a crucial mistake, this wrong turn had us about 3 hours off course. Running on only 2 hours sleep this was a dangerous drive. But we made it home in one piece.
Buddy Bolton was sad to see us go, getting choked up and everything.
We had fun at the festival and looking forward to going again next year. Until then we'll see you at Mip Junior, Mipcom, Kidscreen, Banff Tv Festival and possibly Cartoon Forum.

Remember though, smoking is bad for you.

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